Some drawings

Here are some early drawings and a couple of ideas sheets for the new large piece I’m starting soon. The first sheets with the lizards on were doodled out last year, but the general idea of the piece has stuck with me and it’s put itself forward as the next project.

It won’t have those lizards or the monkey etc on however, but will be based around palm leaves, Baroque shapes suggested by the elaborate basin photographed on a street corner in Florence, pitcher plants, beetles, text and flying lizards. Something in there for everyone, I think.

I’ve been given some very thick black felt which it will be stitched onto, perhaps in components, so the stitching of each part/section will be easier. We’ll see, these things evolve somewhat.

A collection of drawings, ideas and enlarged bits of the basin.

This is the initial idea, just an early doodle which I’m glad I did, as I’m sure the ideas would have gone out of my head otherwise.

And the last image. I think I’ll keep that long strip format too. [on the bottom left.]