Sculpture in Gloucester

I went to the “Crucible” sculpture exhibition in Gloucester Cathedral at the weekend, which was recommended by a friend and was excellent. There are 76 sculptures spread throughout the cathedral,the mix of styles and approaches and the positioning of the pieces in relation to the architecture was inspiring and sort of comforting, possibly because I love cathedrals and church architecture. I was educated in the days of O levels and for O level art we not only did a lot of drawing and painting but also a very thorough two year course in architecture, and there was a written exam. I’m extremely grateful for it too.

Here are some images of my favourites. There was no shortage of famous names, Damian Hirst , Marcus Harvey, David Mach etc. It’s on until 30th October. It should be on for at least 6 months really, two isn’t enough.

I have a tendency to like animal subjects, but there is some human stuff too.  This is by Nick Bibby, “Rodrigues Giant Tortoise”.

Joe Rush “Hornbill”.

Abigail Fallis “The Last Supper” witty and telling, made from newspaper and mixed materials, in the cloisters.

Here’s a human, Anthony Gormley in fact. “Close V”.

Sarah Lucas “Stanway John”.  I just like fruit and veg; these are very classy marrows.

Witty or naughty according to your beliefs. Bones are wonderful [and of course very useful.]  Marc Quinn “Waiting for Godot”.

This little chap was my favourite. “A Couple of Differences between Thinking and Feeling” by Angus Fairhurst.

Sorry, not a good picture, but a brilliant small work positioned in a Medieval niche, by John Buck. “Noah and the Raven.”

Not in the exhibition but a treat to see Alice Kettle’s alter cloth.

Not sculpture obviously, just a mysterious bit of the cathedral.

Failing again to show sculpture, here is the stained glass reflecting on a Norman pillar in the nave. The sun was out, there’s a thing.

Joe Rush again, “Moa/Bike”

I like this faithful lion on the tomb of Edward II.

A thoughtfully placed exhibit by Christie Brown “Lost and Found”.