Some new work

I’ve started to make some small pieces for a couple of exhibitions, and they’ve proved to be a good way of getting back into the swing of things too. I’ve also laid out a number of small mostly landscape based pieces, which was very enjoyable. I could see all those Welsh and Lake District holidays we’ve had over the years reappearing. It’s taken them long enough though, now I think of it. After this I think it’s back to the jungle, subject matter I love but has no history of trips to the tropics unless you count Birmingham and Kew Botanical Gardens..

This is called “Fine Wing”, after the text I’ve written and included in it. I’m starting to work with repeat pattern and bigger stitches too. This couldn’t get that far on this piece as it’s only about 50 cm x 25 cm. The fabrics are all painted and printed except the leaves which are organza already printed with over the top silver swirls.

And this one is called, imaginatively, “Jug”. It’s mixed painted and printed fabrics on lutrador, and is the same size as the piece above. More to follow, these were handstitched but I’ll be on the machine this weekend and finishing them off with handstitch. I have an extra day working on them as the car is unwell so we couldn’t go out to Northamptonshire to do various things as planned.