Little landscapes

I’ve been stitching some small embroideries for an exhibition at the Jinney Ring Craft Centre in Worcestershire. I was ready to machine stitch them but they said no, it’s too hefty, so they’ve been hand stitched. It was very enjoyable too. I didn’t set out to do landscapes but they appeared so there you are.

Autumn Night. These first four are about A4 size.

Full Moon, Summer Sea.

River and Stars.

Summer, full Moon, pool and hill.

Birches. This is about A3 size.

Lapwing Spring, also A3 size.

I’ve started a large piece too which is quite challenging, mainly I think because I’ve had it in my head for some time and seem to want to cram too much into the piece. So now I’ve accepted that it’s mostly a process of elimination I seem to be able to move on with it. Images soon, although they are only very early stage pictures which verge on boring, or may even attain that adjective.

2 thoughts on “Little landscapes

  1. Thanks Claire,
    I’ll have to post a few close ups in that case. It’s a shame that glazing does sort of dull embroideries, they come to life when they come out of their frame. Hope your work is going well, love the seascapes and rabbit!

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