Not a witch’s outfit

Here are a few images of the new work I’ve started at the studio, it’s a large stitched wall hanging, or hopefully will be. It’s taking some time to sort it, as I said in the last post I want to put so much stuff into it but it’s not letting me, so now I’ve accepted that it seems to be moving on a little.

It’s being constructed on A2 sized pieces of black felt, which was being thrown away so I rescued it. It must be proper wool felt too, it’s quite thick and itchy. I’ve used the A2 sized blocks idea to ease the movement of the work through the machine but really want to try some more expressive hand stitch on it so need to think carefully about the combination of machine and hand stitch.

If I wasn’t cutting it up it would make a great witch’s cape, not that I need one, but it is Halloween.

A different view of the same thing, try not to get too excited.

There we are, things are moving on a little.

After much elimination of swathes of various fabrics and some of the cast of characters that were pushing for inclusion something is happening.

Next step is to pin a few of the motifs in place and put it on the wall, see what’s what. I may add another section or two, I need BIG with this one, don’t know why. Undoubtedly I’ll regret this when the stitching starts to make me feel like a mad woman.