It’s on the wall

Here’s the new piece, roughly pinned to the wall and indeed somewhat wonky, but moving on nicely. After some hours of fiddling last week I went into the studio this week and it had sorted itself. Well, not while I wasn’t there, it’s not the Tailor of Gloucester. I have a pet fly in the studio [actually he’s gone now] but no mice. The old back burner in the brain must’ve been sorting it whilst I was doing other things. Just the stitching and the rest of it to do now, what a good prospect; well, I hope so. It has a title too, I’ve written it down in the studio, it’s just that my brain has chosen not to remember it at this time. Oh yes, it’s “Beyond the Dark Spaces”.

The floating weird shapes are based on carved elements used in a  Baroque stone basin, in Florence. They look like sea forms, or fossils, in my interpretation of the carvings, which has returned them in part to the sources used by the designer of the basin some centuries ago.

I’ve just started on another  new piece using fossil imagery , it is monochrome and will be mixed media, incorporating porcelain elements, and wood. I’ll post an image soon.