No flying maggots

Well hopefully. This post isn’t to do with the studio fly [deceased] but I was concerned that the twirly objects were looking like flying maggots, quite large ones too.[They are about 30 cm long.]  So I had a fiddle with them and hopefully they don’t look like maggots now. Seashell or chrysalis I don’t mind, but lumpy maggots, although useful chaps in many ways, are not want I want in my work. Here’s another image.

I’ll start stitching next week but I’m at Hereford Craft Fair from Thursday, the setting up day, until Sunday, so it won’t move on that much.

Here are a couple of images of a new piece of work based upon the theme of “earth”. The work is in very early stages and will be in 3 parts, framed but not glazed. The missing part will fit between the others and will be a row of porcelain shapes on stitched textile. It’s fossil based, with imagery based upon a  crinion or sea lily fossil shape and some plant fossils. I may add another. It’s white on white in part so doesn’t show as well in photos, but hopefully some careful photography when it’s finished will help. I do want people to come close though, so the stitching will be detailed and an important part of the piece.

 It will be just over a metre in all directions.

A close up.

And here’s some painted canvas I did for another “earth” piece. I’ve used acrylic paint and Liquitex ceramic sand medium, for a gritty sculptured finish. I intend to make some ceramic pieces to include in this work too.

The painted canvas with some bits and pieces I may include; there’s metal from tomato puree tubes, plastic toothpaste tubes, some layered and painted cardboard shapes I did ages ago, and some digital prints on calico of pebbles and wood from the beach which I’ll cut up and use.