Winter in Birmingham

I’m fortunate to quite like Winter, in general. Getting stuck on snowy roads and taking several hours to get home isn’t fun, I’ve been there, and as we all know it can be rather grey at times.This, fortunately for me, doesn’t depress me, but some people I know suffer badly. However, we are lucky in Birmingham to have the annual German Market and craft market, which weaves its way up New Street and Victoria Square, ending up in Centenary Square. It’s a good place to stroll around on a dull day. My favourite time to go is as soon as it opens in the morning as you can enjoy and see it properly, and it feels very fresh and untainted. I went yesterday with my daughter, it was somewhat busy being a Saturday, to say the least, but I’ll go again before it goes a few days from Christmas.

I’m working on a commissioned landscape piece at the moment and will post some images when I’ve finished it; hopefully there will be more in the way of new work and work in progress coming up too, as I have a quieter couple of months in terms of shows and teaching away.

Here are a few images of the German Market and its environs.

Antony Gormley’s Iron Man with large nest.

Queen Victoria in the thick of it.

See, it is jolly compared to the grey day.

We wanted to go on the carousel but, sad things that we are, we took the shopping trolley as we always end up carrying heavy bags which makes us very bad tempered. We thought about paying for a ride for the trolley too.

We usually dress like this in Birmingham.

And here they are dancing to an oompah band.

Lots of felted and woolly clothes are available. I want a hat that looks like a flower very badly.

Dhruva Mistry’s Guardian 1 with a pal.

Another Dhruva Mistry, the fountains and cascade which is called ‘The River’, but people tend to fondly call it the Floozy in the jacuzzi. We are very cultured here in the Midlands. It’s just been repaired and it’s good to see all the hoardings gone; it’s a beautiful space, so different from the Birmingham I grew up in.