The Wedding

I went to see ‘The Wedding’ by Stravinsky yesterday, it was amazing. It was performed by the Birmingham Opera Company, most of whose members are the general public, but it also featured professional musicians and 4 professional opera singers. It was held in a disused factory and the action went on all around and indeed all through the audience; there were no seats. It’s called a walkabout production, but we mostly stayed in one place as we had a good all round view, but I know there was still a lot we missed. It was half an hour of  stunning music, written in 1923 for the Ballet Russes, and it featured 4 grand pianos and percussion, which we stood quite close to. My ears seem ok though. I need to see it again but that’s it, we saw the last of the 6 performances. They don’t perform often and that was the first time I’d seen them, on the suggestion of a friend who has seen them a few times during the last couple of years. The huge amount of brides gathered together and the grooms in thier ‘cage’ at the start were a joy to see. We used to go many years ago to see a lot of alternative theatre at Warwick Arts Centre and it was good to pick up on this type of work again. Must see more.