I was feeling the need to start a piece of work that was more colourful, as I’ve been doing rather a lot of winter landscapes recently, and now of course the weather has joined in with great enthusiasm. There’s no snow here yet but it’s quite chilly. Then yesterday a friend asked me to make an embroidery similar to one she already owns, as a present for her daughter in law. Hers  has a couple of birds in a tropical setting, so as this was just what I felt the need to make, it was all rather good. I’ve drawn a new bird, a red whiskered bulbul, and here are some early stage images of the piece. The new quilt is progressing too, and there are a couple of new landscape pieces that are almost there, one of which is very cool and blue. Images soon.

It’s A2 size; this is laid down and ironed on but not stitched yet.

Close up of the bulbul, it’s a Malaysian bird.

Ready for the machine stitching to start.