Two more little landscapes

I’ve finished a couple more of the small landscape pieces; each is around A4 size. There’s one more winter one on the go, which is a commission that’s near completion, then it’s back to the tropics, in textile terms at least.

Here are the latest landscapes; they will be in the stART Exhibition [yes it’s meant to look like that, I’ve not gone mad. It describes the start of the year, art and encouraging people to start buying art etc, all in one word. Also everything in the show is under £200.]  at the RBSA Galleries in Birmingham, which starts on December 29th.

‘Night river, Spring’

A closeup


And a watery closeup. I’m just off to finish the afore mentioned landscape, there will be images soon, there is no escape…

2 thoughts on “Two more little landscapes

  1. Such lovely work Stephanie. I attended one of your 2 day workshops at RSBA in the summer and learnt so much. It’s great coming back to your website for inspiration and ideas. I particularly love the Lake image. So evocative. If only I had some spare cash.!

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