Spring snow

At the risk of being even more boring, here’s another landscape. This one is larger, about A 2 sized. I’ve just thought of making a very large one, wall sized. Whilst it would be nowhere near trompe l’oeil, it would give a room quite an interesting twist. I think a non wintry landscape with as much depth as possible, a lake in the foreground perhaps with fields and mountains going into the distance. It will probably remain as an idea, but I do like those large scale prints of bluebell woods etc I’ve seen on ugly buildings by my studio and as backdrops in various places; that insertion of the beautiful natural world although only an image is quite refreshing, indeed uplifting.

This work is a commission, and was very cold and icy to start with, which I liked but thought it needed warming up a little to make it more comfortable to live with. I just added a few pieces of green fabric, helpfully supplied by my daughter, and it became snow in Spring rather than snow in Winter. It’s hand stitched, as I had seriously gone off sewing machines but I have discovered that mine is happy if I use really good thread; it won’t do cheap.

‘Spring snow’, followed by some details.

This is my favourite part of the embroidery.