Here are a few images of the finished bulbul piece, now entitled ‘Two Birds’. As it’s a commission it’s going off immediately but I would dearly like it for the tropical bird ‘section’ of my new book based on birds. It’s the right size too, being A2. I may do something similar for the book however. The bird theme seems to have come to life recently with people requesting bird pieces,workshops, and cards.

I’ve done an amount of work based on birds, but with the latest book, which will be a textile artist’s book like ‘Into the Cacao Grove’, I feel I need to know more, so have started to read more around the subject. I suppose liking birds is enough in one way, but the smallest amount of research throws up astonishing material. I shall have too much to deal with I suspect. I’ll post a couple of images of the covers of the latest reads shortly. I also want to include more personal responses to birds, basically the birds that are in my everyday life, ie those we feed in the garden; the woodpecker family and the jay couple, as well as the  bullfinches we had last year and all the other characters we see each day. Then there are the cockatoo and the parrot that love each other at the Botanical Gardens, very touching. Needless to say I don’t eat them, the Christmas turkey is safe with me. I love that poem by Benjamin Zephaniah, ‘Talking Turkeys’; ‘Be nice to yu turkeys dis Christmas, Cos turkeys just wanna have fun…’and so on. It’s all available to read on his website.

Here they are.