Power cut and new work.

I haven’t been at the studios as much as I wanted to be this week due to a power cut, probably caused by all our heaters being on at  the same time. So I was just playing around with some new ideas to use plastics,digitally printed fabric, and bark etc, when off the electricity went and so did I, as the temperature plummeted immediately and I find you need to be able to move your hands to work. It took a day or so to get sorted but by then I’d had a day teaching and then a spell of feeling under the weather with a neck strain [my own fault] so I worked at home. Here are a couple of images of some fabric etc I laid out for a pattern based piece, which I’ll do more work with next week, in between finishing the machine stitching on the large quilt. I’ve still got the fossil and earth pieces to move along too, and the bird book; I will not start any more projects until all these are done. [hmmm…]

This piece will probably be called ‘Flowerpecker’, as I am using flowerpeckers, from my Malaysian bird book. They are tiny birds so I may reduce the size of my drawing of the bird; it’s there next to the printed leaf. This is a mix of lino cut prints, maps, plastics, papers, laminated leaves, and printed and commercial fabric. The bark isn’t in the photos, but I’d like to put it into the piece, it’s such a contrast to the manmade materials, and quite beautiful too of course.

Some composition and shape ideas to play around with. I should keep this smallish but I will fail.

More composition ideas to grapple with. All I have to do is decide what to go with. I do like to work with manageable components if I’m using the machine, so that will have to be considered, and how that will work as a progression towards the whole work.