Something in the pipeline and 12 sprouts.

I have been sliding  around Birmingham in the slush today, seeing a friend and having a jolly adventure with a Polish student and his enormous suitcases, [ I don’t know him, took him in my helpful way to the wrong station, felt mortified, trudged again to the correct one, hope he’s happily on his way home to Poland now, moral, never ask me for directions] so haven’t been able to photograph the piece of work I’ve finished yet, as it was too dark when I got home. The fact that we all had to rush around changing trains didn’t help, but that was no real problem compared to all the poor souls at the station with still more enormous suitcases, looking stranded. Not sure what the problem is, the rails are all clear, I’m sure it’s more complicated than that.

So, tomorrow I’ll post a picture of a new piece of work, it’s another woodland themed picture. I have the large piece at the studio ready to move on with, which I would like to get sorted to the point I can bring it home to work on over Christmas. It will be the only large work I do this year [or next year too] as I want to move on with some book projects and need small pieces for shows too, and then there are the pads and cards to make, so enough to be getting on with even if I only manage one day in the studio this week.

We have a couple of people coming for Christmas, so no pressure re cooking really. I do lots of different vegetables as I love them, but the poor sprout is not a popular chap in our family, so this year, instead of preparing lots and lots of them [you know, you buy a giant net bag of the wily beasts] I’ve bought 12 sprouts. I’ve estimated this will be more than enough and it’s virtually eliminated a pointless task. I bet we have some left over too.

2 thoughts on “Something in the pipeline and 12 sprouts.

  1. Oh Stephanie, I love sprouts! Snowed in with the children so doubt I’ll see any this Christmas. Savour your few for me.

    1. Hi Alex, Sorry you are sprout deprived! Where are you, we have millions of them here in Birmingham, if only I could forward some. I do love sprouts actually. I will leave that comment there as too much information is never comfortable…

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