Eleven Stars

This is the latest finished piece, ‘Eleven Stars’. It measures 25 x 50 cm. The stormy background is one of many pieces of random cloth I paint when I do a demonstration of printing and painting techniques in my workshops. I keep them all, and indeed some have every technique I use thrown at them, and often in colours I choose at random, usually in a mild panic as I try to keep the ‘audience’ interested. I have been using a lot of these prints recently in my landscapes, I quite like their extra-random over active appearance.

The full work.

And a detail, followed by a couple more close ups.

I’ m thinking of resurrecting a children’s book I started 9 years ago. It’s not textile, it’s drawn using pen and watercolour, and got as far via an agent as being shown to a couple of publishers. The agent was a helpful person I must say in terms of the text, which she helped me sort, but I was a little disappointed when she said the publishers [no names, I’ll keep those to myself] thought the illustrations were more suited to natural history reference books. I couldn’t take this as any sort of complement as my work was patently jolly cartoon like creatures, and to compare it to the amazing work of  the illustrators who produce such images shows that these particular publishers are sadly very poorly educated. You would think that they would have a bit of a better grasp on current and historical illustration wouldn’t you? Off the old soapbox now, it’s only taken me 9 years to get it together mentally and realise, with the help of having self published ‘Into the Cacao Grove’, that diy cuts out the daddy dreadful doubters. All I have to do is finish it….I’ll post a couple of the completed paintings.

2 thoughts on “Eleven Stars

  1. Love the 11 stars, especially the the way the purple planetary spin of paint pulls the eye (now that’s alliteration for you). With regard to you children’s book, I’ve found that my children are fascinated by a whole variety of imagery in the books they like to look at. Would love to see the aformentioned paintings. Merry Christmas.

  2. Alex, thank you for your complement. I didn’t plan the purple planetary spin of paint, [had to use your phrase, thanks for that, sums it up nicely] but that piece of randomly painted cloth directed the whole piece. An element of design, an element of materials led mystery, that’s what keeps it all interesting.
    Hope you are coping with being snowed in. It’s bad here but cities grind on, albeit slowly. The traffic clears the roads, which is rather more than the council has done. I’ll go and photograph the paintings, and post them later; like your children my daughter enjoyed many types of illustration as a child. I’m sure if you show them as much as possible it leads to a much broader outlook all round as they grow up.

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