A briny tale

Here are some images of the childrens’ book I mentioned. No prizes for guessing what it’s about! The first is the full painting of the dancing pair, and then there are some snippets from some of the other paintings. It’s all gathered together and ready to go, hopefully asap. When I dug out the folder I was very happily surprised to find the dummy, which is a sort of mock up book you do to show publishers etc, so all the planning is done, and I can just enjoy myself tweaking it here and there, as I do the rest of the paintings. There are a lot more tentacles to paint.

 I had forgotten about the dummy, which is surprising as it took quite a while to do, a combination of illustration in line and writing the story, and I stayed at home while the family went on holiday to do it [I did join them later, we had a caravan in Wales at the time.] I remember doing all the text on our old computer, it was a monster to use, took ages to get it in the configuration I wanted. I shouted at it at one point and it stopped working! I didn’t touch it, it was all verbal, but I learnt you have to treat machines with consideration. And yes, I turned it off and turned it on again…

Octopus meets his new friend Purple. It’s A2 size.

This and the following 3 snippets are from a colour change sequence. All will be revealed at some point.

And this is part of the painting of the Grand Ball, where Octopus meets Purple, but alas much trouble awaits. The full painting is also A2 size.