Have you hung the picture yet Basil?

Sorry, couldn’t resist the quote from Fawlty Towers. I was helping set up the first exhibition of the New Year today at the RBSA Galleries in Birmingham. [That’s the Royal Birmingham Society of Artists in case you didn’t know.]

One large exhibition was coming down as another large show was going up; there was much lift activity. Quite a lot of the members volunteer to help and it went really well. The show is called ‘stART’, and everything in it is under £200. There were some bargains from what I could see. As people who helped out more often were there at the ready with their electric screwdrivers, I took to arranging work in the show cases and making tea. I prefer making tea to hanging pictures, sad but true. Here are a few images of the show being set up,and also of St.Paul’s Square which is nearby. The exhibition opens tomorrow, the 29th, and closes on January 29th; entry is free.

This is Rob Perry working hard. He’s famous, he’s been on tv in ‘Coast’ and in a programme about the RA Summer Exhibition, and had a big show at the Art Gallery in Birmingham.

Fixing the pictures to the hanging rods. I so dislike doing that job. Fortunately other people love it.

This is the first floor gallery, which has been hung with prints and textile work .

The first floor gallery is a good space which I’m hoping to hire in the future with some other textile artists.

These are prints by Lynn Jefferies.

The wonderful London plane trees in St.Paul’s churchyard. I’ve collected the bits of bark they shed in the past, in the hope of using it in some sort of mixed media work.

I love these carved remains on the church wall.

Here’s the church itself, with a misty PO tower in the background. We’ve been to some concerts here in the past. The pews are challenging though.

And a nice bit of wall with verdigris. I use these sort of images occasionally by transferring them onto calico, then cutting them up or using as a background. I will almost certainly use this one, as I’m doing some architecture – based work next year and have decided to use aspects of St.Paul’s church.