One thing at a time

Now the above title refers to the fact that although I was at the studio last week, beavering away, this week I’m not, due to a virus of sorts. A useful thing about being under the weather is that it slows you down and you realise that you had rather too high expectations of yourself, I find. Another useful thing is that you manage to fit in some reading too.

So I’ve decided to concentrate on ‘The Stone Bird’ book, and not to start any new work until it’s done, unless it’s something incredibly urgent and necessary. This book is taking a lot of time anyway as there is a lot of drawing involved. I’ve decided to do a couple of the winter pages based on pink birds, always a pleasure in the winter garden , especially against the snow. I’ve just been watching a couple of jays who visit us, not against snow anymore, as it’s all gone, which is, I find, sad but leads to a more easily functionable life.

And a jolly New Year too, keep it up.

Here are a few views of the studio with the book project in progress.

Yes I did tidy the table before I took the photos.

I include these studio pictures from time to time, as I really like to see where people work myself.

There are some sparrow drawings and prints on the table too, for another page of the book.The jay drawing, larger than life, quite a bruiser in fact, and some fabric I painted to construct him. There are also some prints on khadi paper of some birds’ footprints I photographed in the snow, to use as a background.

The fabric jay, not yet finished, plonked, and this is true, on the hastily laid out photos just before I left the studio. Look at his footprints in the snow…not the really big ones, at the tail end, the ones that look as if they are indeed his; this wasn’t planned, but I’ll certainly re- draw his legs [he was perching on a branch], so he’s now going to stand in the snow. O the joy of collage and applique, etc.

2 thoughts on “One thing at a time

  1. Being as nosey as I am, I too love seeing where people work and how they develop ideas – so thanks for sharing yours. We saw our first Jay in the garden recently and got very excited identifying it. They are beautiful. Happy New Year.

    1. Hi Claire, as you know I’ve e mailed you, so thanks again for your comment. I’ll post more studio pics for those of you who are as curious as I am about people’s work spaces. Steph

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