An opportunist heron

I’ve had a slow week work wise due to a flu-like virus, but after a few wallowing days have done a little work and I’m sure it helps to get you back on track. I have been meaning to post these images of a heron that visited us just before the snow melt. We have been visited before, due to our pond having some yummy small fish in it. They are there no longer, and all we have now are 4 big chaps, probably too big for a heron but who knows if he’s that peckish he may give them a go sometime. I think they’ll put up a fight though. They are rather strange creatures, not at all pretty, and we have had them for so long I can’t remember when they arrived. They are ghost carp, brownish but with an overlay of bronze/gold detail that looks like a skeleton. We did have prettier fish, but as I mentioned they went long ago. The Goth fish seem to be the survivors, having grown from tiddler size. For many years the pond was a wildlife pond too, with lots of frogspawn and a multitude of tiny frogs, so you could never sweep up in the autumn as the leaves had so many  amphibians hiding underneath them. As the fish grew the balance changed, ie the reason the fish grew was the frogs..

Here’s the heron, perched on top of a neighbour’s tree, followed by a close up,then looking guilty on top of our garage. He was watching us watching him. I don’t think he got any fish that day, but they hide in the winter so who knows.

Not as focused as we’d have liked, but it was panic photography.