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As I was a little unwell last week, I found myself ordering a couple of books from my Amazon wish list, as there was a bit of Christmas money to buy them with too. They may however go with several others I haven’t yet read, but I must admit I bought a fair amount of books over the years, before Amazon, full price, from bookshops, a rare experience these days, which is a pity. Well not so much the full price but certainly buying from bookshops. But I have now decided to read and not buy for quite a while. There’s still the library however…

I am however reading more, so that’s ok then. I was sort of out of the habit, and got back into it by reading a couple of novels, and what a joy it is. I used to read so much. It’s not so much tv, but certainly the computer, work [ and other people talking to me] that interupt, so I’m just going to quickly add a couple of images of my new books and then read as I have the house to myself for an hour or so.

 Textile work has been moving on with finishing some of the pages for the bird book, and next week I’m planning to go back to the studio to lay down some more pages. I’m looking forward to working on the jay and some bullfinches for the celebrating pink birds pages.

I have started to read this one, it features many of my favourite artists, so hopefully my  scraps of knowledge and interest will be given a context.

And this is fuel to my interest in  and scant knowledge of the natural world.

3 thoughts on “More books…

  1. I share the love/guilt feeling with Amazon v bookshops. It’s a tricky one to navigate when the books are so much cheaper online.And then the library seems so limited in what it can get of new books or art books. I once took a whole back of once-read novels down to the library to have (hard backs too!) and they said they couldn’t keep them but could only sell them in a book sale??? Sorry – book rant over! Hope you’re feeling better this week. Claire

  2. Hi Claire, you’re right about the library being a poor source of good art books, but I suppose they have to please a lot of people. I’m actually quite worried that they will suffer with these wonderful cuts it’s been decided are so necessary. I always borrow novels as I generally only read them once, and they are quite expensive compared to a good non fiction book, so that’s where my money goes. As I work at Birmingham City Uni I’m lucky to be able to use their libraries and the library at the Bournville campus is a little gem.

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