More work on the bird book.

I’ve been in the studio this week and back at BCU. I’m laying down some pink birds in the winter pages, and I don’t know why but they are taking ages! This ‘bird book’ is actually quite slow going, and I haven’t even got to the duck section yet. The question is will I do a variety of said beaky pals or just one chosen mallard Andy Warhol style. It won’t be the latter but it’s a temptation.

Here are a few images of work in progress on the jay and bullfinches pages. I’ve been busy editing and printing/designing the text pages too and have such a pile of stuff to sort, it’s a good thing all round I’m concentrating on this while I can. I will have to do some demonstration work for some new courses I have coming up quite soon though; I’m resisting putting birds in them all, but I think a few will sneak in. Sometimes [truthfully as often as possible] work has to have more than one function these days, as I’m actually quite a slow worker, either that or the work is rather labour intensive, both I would think.

I painted these two on khadi paper first. They are a little bigger than life size.

Just trying them out here on the background I made earlier from layers of lutradur on paper and black fabric. It’s machine stitched and will have hand stitch added too. We have a ladder like this in our garden, it’s sculptural rather than useful, and also quite overgrown these days.

Here I’ve cut out the bullfinches and added fabric to them. I’ll stitch them separately and add them to the background when they are finished.

This is the background of the jay piece, it’s a collage of my photographs of bird footprints in the snow, printed on khadi paper. It was then stitched down by machine.

And here’s the  jay  by his snowy background. He will be stitched separately too, then applied. The bullfinches and jay are basically ‘slips’, those generally small single embroideries done by the Elizabethans, which were then applied to a bigger piece of fabric. These are really charming, I have postcards of a few of them; I’ll sort them out if I can and post a couple of pictures.

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    1. Hi Claire, I’ll do my best. I do take a lot of pictures of working processes but only post a very small amount. I’m doing sparrows tomorrow so I’ll take lots of pictures. S

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