Jenny and Sam

It’s been a quiet month for outings in general, and I must say I am looking ahead to some gallery and theatre visits in the coming months. Compton Verney has some good stuff on this year, exhibitions of the work of Alfred Wallis, Ben Nicholson, Stanley Spencer; and also an exhibition of historical embroidered woollen pictures, made by sailors. And it’s about time I had a trip to London.

 At least some work is being done, and yesterday I decided to go to the Botanical Gardens in Birmingham, mainly to photograph a couple of the birds who live there and for a stroll around to see if there were any signs of spring. The stroll was fairly speedy due to a brisk wind, but enjoyable nontheless. Not a lot of spring about yet; it is only January I suppose. We do have snowdrops out at home though.

The birds I wanted to photograph are Jenny and Sam, a greater sulphur crested cockatoo and a blue fronted Amazon parrot that live together and love each other. They are frequently together on their perch, preening each other. It is unusual as they are basically different species, from different continents,  and Sam has a partner, Polly, who also lives with them. She’s usually asleep. Jenny likes humans and always comes over to say ‘ hello’ and indeed ‘ Merry Christmas’. She probably says more than this, but it’s not so clear as these two phrases are. She is very charming and has many fans. Here are a few images, the first is a general view down to the large aviary, which isn’t where Jenny lives in fact, she’s at the top by the hothouses.

It was very quiet in the gardens, most people were in the cafe. It was an unusual treat to be able to park there with ease.

This is a long border in the temperate house which they always keep full of brilliantly displayed plants. The small brown shape is a cat asleep by the warm pipes. It smelt fantastic  as citrus plants were in flower in there too.

Here they are, Jennt and Sam. Jenny is the rather beautiful white creature. Sam is the less well kept chap. They were having a good old canoodle but stopped unfortunately to look at us.

Jenny came to the front of the cage for her close up. I’m hoping to include these two in my book, as I want to use some birds  from my everyday life in it.