Rain stitch

I’ve decided to name one of the few stitches I use. It’s really a long straight stitch but I seem to be using it increasingly to describe rain, and perhaps the movement of the elements in my work, and it occured to me that rain stitch is a wonderful fey sort of name for it.

Here it is in the finished lapwing page of the book, and there are also some images of the full work and border I intend to put around this page, featuring some of the names and nicknames of the bird.

There’s the rain stitch, inexplicably coming from the sun…

A close up,

and another.

The full piece with the printed names and borders. The work is A2 size.

The names loosely placed around the edges. They were later machine stitched on, but the borders won’t be added just yet, as this page will have another page backing it and they will be bordered and stitched together. I usually have to do this by hand as the machine won’t take all the layers, but I’ll try it anyway; I think it sews through the khadi paper with more ease than the thick watercolour paper I’ve used in the past. We’ll see.

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