Some sparrows [1]

Here is some work in progress on the sparrows pages of the bird book. It’s going to be quite a hefty book; I keep having ideas of things I must put in. My daughter suggested I do Volume 2 but I think I’ll need a rest from birds for a while after this, much as I like them. I may just look at them safe in the knowledge I don’t have to do anything artistic with them.

All the ingredients laid out, prints, fabrics, metal, paper and laminated leaf skeletons.

I’m using a mix of prints in this piece. These are linocuts printed in black acrylic on khadi paper and metal sheet [tomato paste tube rubbed flat.] Other prints are digital prints taken from my sparrow drawings and a couple of others are from my embroidered work, printed on khadi and embellished.

Experimenting with the layout. I was going to change to a bigger page size but have since revised this, so this layout will spread over a double page spread instead. It’s totally absorbing, making a book, but there are times it can make you feel quite loony. I’m off for a walk shortly with a friend though, and a spot of lunch, so that should unwrangle things. More sparrows later.