Some sparrows [2], and a frost shower.

Here are a few more images of the sparrow piece, in its early stages. It’s a collage of prints and textiles,and mixed media with stitch.

This is one of the small textile landscapes which will be a part of this page.

A print of a drawing with some wonderful blingy fabric.

As I had a lot of black acrylic paint  left from my printing session I had to use it up so had a little impromptu printing and painting session on this green fabric. It will be very useful in the future.

Look at this, what a neat table. All the pages I’ve done so far are laid out with instructions of what I’ve yet to do to actually finish them altogether. Not one is yet fully completed, that’s my plan for next week. An old piece with large ravens on is on the wall. I was hoping to chop them off and use them in the book but they are too large. I may use them as prints on fabric and add more fabric and stitch. They could be rather Baroque and rich, standing in jewelled archways, like sentinels. There’s yet another page then, this book will need a forklift truck to move it.

Here are a couple of images from a very nice walk in the Waseley Hills, the outing which interrupted yesterdays post. It was very cold with a wonderful hoar frost, and a rather stunning frost shower from one tree in the car park, where bits of twig shaped ice were raining and rattling down. It was like the Singing Ringing Tree, which people of a certain age will remember I’m sure…

And afterwards we were forced to go to the pub for a long chat and lunch.