Birds and a plug

There has been a good amount of work done on the book, never as much as I think I should do but it’s amazing how stuff gets in the way isn’t it? The plug in question is not something I really like doing too much but set that against posting a blog and I suppose it sounds ridiculous. I’m teaching a textile/mixed media course on February 15th at the RBSA in Birmingham, which has a very small amount of bods signed up to it. I think it may be because it’s not the B’ham half term week, that’s my excuse anyway! It’s called ‘Beautiful Birds’ and should be fun, collage, applique, mixed media, stitch if you fancy it. There is the most wonderful show on there in the Craft Gallery called ‘Flock’ too,based on birds, I wanted SO MUCH of the work, particularly the ceramics. So even if you don’t fancy the course go to have a look at the show if you can. Link below.

I’ve been plugging away [why waste what’s obviously my word of the day] at ‘The Stone Bird’ book, finishing [yes, the f word!] pages as I go along. It is taking time as it’s quite complex, I’m putting more on the text pages than I did in ‘Into the Cacao Grove’. I still have lots of pages to do, and am working on trying to accept that it is a different beast to Cacao, which was an exuberant flourish of a thing in comparison. That could be rose-tinted spectacles though…yes, I’ll go with that thesis I think.

So, here are a few images of finished pages, not bound at the edges yet, or obviously at the spine. Book construction and making is so absorbing, I think I have found what I love doing best. It’s only taken 3+ decades as an artist too…

Here’s the chap that started it all, Archaeopteryx Lithographica, on his or her background. The text is a bit stream of consciousness.

A view of the landscape page with studio backdrop.

The warbler. I’ve stitched some twigs onto the nest, and then coated them with pva to help keep them intact. They will mark the text page eventually, but that is the nature of these books. The Cacao Grove book has been well used and looks as if it’s spent several years in a jungle now.

Twig and nest close up. For the keen gardener or botanically minded the twigs were from Viburnum Opulus. They were the easiest to break off on a very cold day.

Bullfinches page and table. My daughter will take the photographs for the printed book, she knows what she’s doing while I just hope for the best with photography.

And here’s the lapwing. Next to finish are a bunch of sparrows; my husband thought they were greenfinches so that’s not looking good, and then it’s the nest pages, and then I think the river scene which will drag us out of the winter and spring into the summer section.

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  1. The book looks amazing! Can’t wait to see it in the flesh and appreciate all the glinting threads and little details.I’d come and make appliqued birds but have to go to work at school instead 😦 I’m ‘womaning’ the cafe next Sat pm so I’ll see the exhibition then. Claire x

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