New smalls

I’ve been laying down some new smalls, my term for well, small pieces of work. I had a sudden realisation that I have a show, the Contemporary Textile Fair at the Landmark Arts Centre in Teddington, approaching at speed, with not enough small work to put there. Some will be framed and some put in the browser. I took some pictures too of the mess that ensues when I work solidly without tidying up. I like order best but sometimes you just have to get on with it. I do love laying out new work, I find it difficult to stop once started.

It’s the machine and hand stitch stage next, so I’ll go and get on with that and here are a few images.

No matter what the size of the table and floor I can cover it.

I still haven’t done anything about those ravens.

Underneath the table and around the room edges are at least 4 projects that are on the go. I will start nothing else until these are completed [ha!]


And here is a view, exhibiting much perspective, of the smalls. Dodgy quality here, I took it using my ‘phone.

The Fair is on March 12th – 13th.