Work and pleasure

Much as I like my work it’s good to have a day off every so often. I was feeling very guilty that I hadn’t taken a quilt to the Bramble Patch in Northamptonshire, to advertise a course I’m teaching there soon. I had actually promised this quilt in November last year…The main problem was our extremely poorly behaved car, which has spent most of the winter having one repair after another.

So the quilt was delivered on  Thursday, and it was good to meet the very pleasant owner, Anne. It’s a really wonderful place that runs a lot of courses and has an excellent shop. How I got out of there without buying anything was a miracle, not that I need a thing of course. I love the village it’s in too, Weedon, with its mix of houses and cottages, some in ironstone, of which I am very fond.

On the way home we went to one of my favourite places, a National Trust property called Baddesley Clinton, which Midlands people will know of. It’s one of the first to open, and we go there throughout the year. It was a day of mixed greys, quite beautiful,  still. There were groups of miniature iris planted, one of my favourite plants, more so of course since I can’t seem to grow them with much success.

Here are a few images, from my husband’s phone, I forgot my camera. I haven’t photoshopped the iris colour at all, they just glowed in the cool grey light.

They have pruned these old apple trees over winter. I find the shapes very exciting and I imagine they will find their way into future work.

Snowdrops, where would we be without them.

I’m finishing off some of the smalls I posted earlier, so will photograph them and post them as they are done. Actually I have persuaded my daughter to do the photography, she’s so much better than I am.