Beautiful Birds, and they did some great work too.

I taught my ‘Beautiful Birds’ course at the RBSA Galleries in Birmingham yesterday. It was very enjoyable and I thought there was such a good standard and range of work produced, with the students as usual coming up with lots of creative ideas I want to steal. Here are some images, and hopefully there will an exhibition of course  participants work in the future, which I think will be quite a highlight in the exhibition calendar.

First of all is Catherine with a cool puffin. She’s actually a famous quilter already and has done a lot of work based upon Innuit legends.

This is Claire with a piece of work which is actually a preparation for a painting which will contain 100 birds, based on a Chinese myth. Claire is an RBSA Member who has done wonderful work in pastel too.

This is Rachel’s hand and her lovely subtle pigeon picture, made from her own painted fabrics.

And here we have another famous textile artist, Linda, working on a jackdaw with her own  beautiful printed fabrics.

This is Jenny working on her version of Hokusai’s wave and a rather elegant seabird.

Kay at the ironing table arranging some well chosen fabrics.

I love the mix of fabrics Jo chose here, tweed for the birds and a mix of fabrics and torn maps for the water. And the composition is very successful.

This is Laura with her charming swallow piece, another famous textile artist.

Brenda is also a professional textile artist and I thought her work was so vigorous and exciting.

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  1. Thanks Jen for your comment, it’s true that there’s a lot going on here, Australia is no slouch with textile art though is it? I suppose there’s a distance thing though, whereas here you can practically get anywhere within hours. [But think of the tedious weather…]

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