Small pieces finished

Just a few images of some of the finished smalls. I enjoy doing small work every so often, they are so easy to actually finish. Some of them are even quite jolly, I’ve managed to avoid the use of black I like so much. When I pick which work to make into cards I do notice how much of it has quite a hefty use of black, not always ideal for the jolly greeting situation.

‘Post’    A4 sized

‘Bullfinches’    A4 sized

‘Window’     bit bigger than A4

‘Summer’  25 x 25 cm

‘Pear’     A4 sized

‘September’      A 3 sized

‘Resting’    A2 sized

‘Tigerleaf’   A2 sized

‘George’  A3 sized, but putting on a bit of weight lately. Not sure why he lies like this, he’s not repressed in any way, just a drama queen.

4 thoughts on “Small pieces finished

  1. Steph, you have to be one of the most prolific workers I know! Every time I visit your blog there’s a wealth of new work, every piece beautifully crafted, you are a real inspiration!

    1. Hi Jacqui,
      I have so many pieces of work started and waiting for attention though! I keep saying I will start no more, but sort of have to for various projects or teaching. At least the smalls do get finished. If only I could get around to finishing a big.
      Look forward to seeing you next week, much to discuss.

  2. Hi Claire,
    Yes, me too, but the name seems to have stuck now, I always think ‘I must do a few smalls’. I suppose with a complete lack of originality I’ll be calling the bigger pieces ‘bigs’.Nice to know you have one. Loved the daffodils, surely one of the most awkward flowers to paint, you used such gorgeous colours.

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