Some sparrows

I’ve finished the sparrow pages, so here are the first images of them. There’s such a range of surfaces, colour and texture in the Stone Bird book that it’s going to be quite difficult to photograph accurately, so my excuse is that these are just the first pictures of the finished pieces, and when all the pages are finished [ha!] I’ll have a massive photography session with she who knows. Hope you read this Chloe, advance warning…

I’ve decided to re do my bullfinches, not a phrase one manages to fit into everyday life very often. They are just a little to stiff. I wanted them to look more pattern like than natural but I’m not happy with them yet. It’s likely that the blackbird page will be changed too. After that it’s on to nests, rivers and bower bird.

The double page spread.

The flock of sparrows, and one moth. A mix of linocut prints, drawings, and digital prints, on paper, felt, and metal, with music, laminated leaf skeletons, and stitch.