Beach, early stages.

I would love to be in the early stages of being on a beach, but it’s not possible here in landlocked Birmingham. So I am particularly enjoying making this piece, which is based on photographs and memories of our many trips to Wales, where at the moment I feel I would seriously like to live, except for parents, friends and the birds we feed in the garden.

This is a double page spread for the bird book, and is almost finished now, but these images show the early stages in its development. The river scene is done, and another spread of some baby moorhens, which I will photograph and post. I’m busy at the moment sorting work and writing a handout for the Experiments with Pattern course I’m teaching at the Bramble Patch next week, which I am very much looking forward to. I may be back sorting the garden later, it’s looking very nice after its gradual spring cleaning, and the promised rain has not yet materialised. This will undoubtedly occur as soon as I step outside in my wellies.

Some photographs [taken by my daughter], books, sketches, painted papers and images printed onto transfer paper gathered together. I have an earlier work called Beach, strangely enough, upon which I am basing this new piece for the book.  

More painted canvas and digitally printed images. Some of the painted paper and canvas was done and discarded by my daughter, so I have her to thank for providing some of my raw materials. Womble, moi?

The left hand page. The text is now in the large blank space. This piece is made from paper, canvas and printed images on transfer paper of pebbles and breakwater posts photographed at Tywyn.

And this is the right hand page, which has actually changed quite a lot now, and the herring gull has now settled in the top corner, as when I put on his markings he blended in too well. I’ll post the finished piece asap.