To the water and on the beach, yes please…

Here are some images of two finished spreads for The Stone Bird. I made a good tidy list yesterday out off several heap like lists of what I still have to do; it was a little scary. At least it’s organised fear.

Moorhen chicks, a mix of fabric, monoprint on paper and stitch.

Beach. The last three pages I’ve done have all been fairly monochrome; when I hit the tropics all that will change. I’ve been revising by watching David Attenborough, and now want to be whizzed to the top of a tree to watch Birds of Paradise mate. They are amazing and at times hilarious.

The herring gull, gazing out of the page, a little miffed since he’s not actually mentioned in the text.

I like to take a selection of close up images as I find them usefully inspirational for more abstract work. Here’s one, showing a mix of monoprint on paper, painted canvas, digital image, painted fabric and stitch.

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