A brilliant workshop

It was the students who were and indeed are brilliant, not the tutor….I taught a workshop, Experiments with Pattern and Stitch, at the Bramble Patch in Northamptonshire at the end of last week. The group produced such an amazing range of work; they were very impressive as they had all arrived so well prepared too. The weather was lovely and as usual we were all made very welcome by everyone at the Bramble Patch. I’ll be there again in the autumn, teaching another two day course, good.

Here are some images of the people on the course, with their works in progress.

Some of the class, with examples of my work in the foreground.

Here’s Jane working on a project using bones as her imagery, with a wonderful colour palette and also using paper as well as fabric. I love bones so found this very exciting.

Hilary working on a beautiful vibrant piece, it was truly glorious.

Helen had decided to drive herself slightly crazy by working on two pieces at the same time. The piece underneath was started on one of my previous courses and was looking very good by the end of this one, and the piece on top was a wonderful mix of paper and holographic fabric.

And here’s Kate doing some nifty designs using tomatoes, with fine attention to detail and gorgeous colours.

Tracey is using a mix of newspaper, papers and fabric to make such a stunning small work based on daisies.

Brenda’s project was a personal piece using labyrinths and a mix of other imagery to investigate confinement and confusion, cleverly using Liberty fabrics collaged together to make the labyrinth.

Catriona shares my interest in birds and was working on her first small bird to add to others on a backing made as a log cabin quilt. This first bird was a lovely little chap, and I hope to see the finished piece too.

The subtle beauty of Margaret’s piece, a mix of fabrics and paper. You can see what I mean by variety can’t you?

Here’s Hilary [there were two Hilarys] with some fabric she had painted with acrylics in glorious colours, looking at her collage design. She did lay down the piece and it was stunning.

Diane had her own painted fabric and fabric from the African Fabric Shop, as well as some great embellishments. I loved the bold graphic look and strenghth of her work.

Jan used brilliant primary colours to make what will be a two part hanging based on a sea theme. It was very jolly and she did a lot of intricate cutting to make repeat motifs, which were very succesful.

Here are Jan and Jane experimenting with the layout of their work on strips of felt, which makes a good sturdy background, and is not too wide when it comes to machine stitching.

A little wonky but you can see it’s advertising a good day out. Phone 01455 202324 if you fancy going.

I had a very jolly day at Sewing for Pleasure at the NEC in Birmingham yesterday. It’s a good show that gets better each year. I was working on the Eclectica stand, Eclectica being a textile group I’m in. We put on quite a smart little show, I must say. I managed to spend money too, of course. Unusually for me I bought some silk to make my plumed bird of paradise for my bird book. He needs that airy look only silk can give, rather than chunky painted calico.