Early Swans’ Pool

A rare day in the studio yesterday, which was so nice. I’ve started to lay down The Swans’ Pool pages for The Stone Bird book, which involves some drawings of a low relief sculpture of swans from a building in Birmingham, which I’ve printed out in multiples, some text [quite a lot with this one] written a couple of years ago, which I’ve been waiting to use, and some textile swans. It’s called The Swans’ Pool after the text I wrote. Here are a few early stage images.

Drawings, fabrics, and visual reference. I took lots of pictures of these swans last winter, they posed for ages doing things only swans can do.

The swans have appeared. At the top of the picture is a book about constellations I won as a school prize, she boasted. This was quite a few years ago, and it’s sort of good I still use it. The constellation Cygnus will be in the picture.

More detail on the swans. I’ll add stitched detail to them and attach them afterwards. The background will be machine stitched. I daresay there will be a few beads involved, I have some dull green ones waiting to be used and some spotty rocks too.

A view of the whole piece. The text page will be on the left when it’s done.

2 thoughts on “Early Swans’ Pool

  1. I found your blog and website the other day and I’m fascinated by the bird book. It’s wonderful to see your stages of working and how it all comes together. I’m working out how I can get to one of your workshops!

  2. Thanks Isobel. I don’t know where you are but I have some workshops in Birmingham in July and August, and some for next year too, which I’ll be putting onto my website soon. The book will be featuring for some time, I have a list of pages to be done, then it will be put together, which takes a fair amount of time. It will be fairly heavy when it’s done, heavier than the first one certainly. Steph.

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