A few images of the flamingo pages I’ve just finished for the book. I must  find the ancient pop song  pretty inaccurate; I do love a flamingo but apart from the gorgeous plumage they have skinny legs, huge knock knees, tiny beady yellow eyes and the most enormous conk of a beak. The skull and beak are amazing and of course the beak is extremely efficient in terms of the way the birds feed, so I had to do my own version of this beautiful construction, on the left. These pages follow the page of moorhens, entitled ‘To the water’. I couldn’t resist an ‘In the water’ after that. The large head and neck celebrates, well, the glorious neck, and is made from painted silk.

The double page spread.

The beaded skull, not quite covered with diamonds.

Little and Large. The small one has quite a few layers of various fabrics, I just had a good time until I liked the result. Fortunately in terms of accuracy they come in a range of shades from white to very strident pinks, depending upon their diet.