Some new work and the state of the studio today

I’ve finished some new pieces for an exhibition I have coming up in Bath at the end of May, there are 10 altogether, but a couple were done at the end of last year. I’m having them all framed in the same thin oak too, which is a treat as I usually try to do this myself with purchased frames, which I’ve now decided are never right for gallery exhibitions. Also I hate framing so it’s so nice to hand it to someone else. He’s not expensive either, I just hope a month is long enough for him. Always give a framer an  exaggerated deadline…he’s been away in Florida for the last three weeks so he’ll either have loads of energy or be too chilled to cope with the strain of work.

Here are a couple of them, the first two were chosen by the gallery from my website but have been sold some time ago, so I’ve done similar versions but they  certainly indicate my current rather than my past working methods; I can’t just copy.

Garden,  40 cm x 30 cm.

Spring Moon, same size as the above work.

Nine trees, 40 cm x 18 cm.

I’ve been at the studio today working on some more pages of the bird book. Work seemed to go along rather ploddingly. I thought I’d show all the stuff I had out to basically just get to the point of laying down a couple of blocks of fabric. It was thought and work in progress, and has moved on since this, but I hope to finish it tomorrow; the backgrounds are done now but there are some quite fiddly small tropical birds to do. Actually in these pictures the place looks quite tidy which is strange as it was a bit of a wreck, I could hardly move around. I should have filmed it.

One page of the double page spread, it only took two hours to do. I was trying to use some design elements I liked from a previous piece of work, and have found that this always slows progress. A fresh piece is always easier.

4 thoughts on “Some new work and the state of the studio today

  1. Looks like you’re cooking up a storm! I love a creative mess as much as i love the clear-up and blank canvas stage that follows.

  2. It’s true it is necessary to have both a creative mess and a lovely clear space, especially if you use lots of differing materials. I do become irritated with the floor though! I like it clear and vacuumed but it can look such a wreck while I’m in the midst of a project. I’m sure I work better when it has been vacuumed. A tidy up is good too, as all sorts of stuff you’ve failed to either remember you have or even notice it’s there reveals itself. Then of course you have to make sure you use it and not buy anything else…

    1. Hi Holly, yes, we’ve had clear skies here and there it was, a wonderful full moon. Thanks for your complement-I’ve posted on your blog, hope it’s there. Steph.

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