Some progress at last

I was at the studio yesterday working on a double page spread for the Stone Bird book. I had plodded away on Monday and hadn’t got very far,see previous post, but yesterday managed to move things forward. I am very aware of a fast approaching deadline for this project, and as well as some more pages to be done, there’s the edging of the pages and binding too. At least those tasks are slightly more mindless, whereas the pages can be considerably more engaging. Also I think I’m slowing down, I don’t know if it’s the weather being so good, or the project, or me just being slower…my daughter who is very good about these matters suggested it’s because I do more teaching now, so your energy is spread rather thin at times. I obviously need to drink more coffee and Red Bull, and then there is the ongoing de-cluttering of the house and garden I seem to be doing. It’s a new hobby I think. Textiles and teaching are infinitely better than a lot of work though; I’ve done some very boring jobs in the past.

Here’s the latest double pager, it is quite complex which would explain why it took its time. Machine stitching next, then hand stitch and beads to be added, as well as the text.

A jolly pair of sunbirds, waiting for the text to arrive.

And two bulbuls, with a mulberry bark tree in the centre. Back at work on it tomorrow, then I’mgoing to try to sort the bower bird page. This is not a well behaved page, as the nest I have made is no where near as elegant as that of the bower bird, so there will be problems. When they are solved I’ll post an image.

2 thoughts on “Some progress at last

  1. Keep at it Steph – it looks trully beautiful and will undoubtedly be a show stopper – again! – Hx

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