Insect house, Paradise and Flying.

Not often you get to write a sentence like that. All it needs is ‘gherkins’ added and it’s near perfect.

So, here is a miscellany of images, starting with the recycled insect house, as promised, which is at Wightwick Manor in Staffordshire. I have a few old pots and roof tiles, I’m off to make one asap. All sorts of small life and different types of bee and hoverfly can find a useful space to live in the many nooks and crevices, and my idea is to make it as beautiful, in its own way, as possible.

Onto ‘ Flying’ now. Here is an image of some components from the Flying page of my book ‘The Stone Bird’. I’m stitching them individually and then stitching them onto a painted lutradur background. It’s a double page spread situation.

I’ve just noticed the Bowerbird has sneaked in, he’s just standing. He’ll be in his own pages when they’re done.

And here is the finished Bird of Paradise.

Followed by a couple of close ups.

He’s made from silk, except his beak, which is man made printed wonderfully blingy fabric.

Stitches, beads and more stitches.

I won’t bother posting a picture of a gherkin on this occasion.

7 thoughts on “Insect house, Paradise and Flying.

  1. I love seeing the stitching closeup – it adds so much movement and sparkle. How about a vegetable book next time with the gherkin being the finale page?

  2. I do so love a gherkin. I have a glass one that’s a Christmas decoration that comes out every year, together with it’s mate, a carrot. Even though we have a tasteful [I aim in that general direction at least] arrangement of twigs at Christmas now instead of a tree, [very small living room] I always put my two veg. on, and they instantly lower the tone.
    Hi Linda, I love your blog, I want hens, but we have a small garden and a Jack Russell…

  3. Thank you Alex, it’s good to have a change and freshen things up. I feel as if the old orange and purple website was more like a pantomime set now! I think it’s to do too with changes I’m making around the house and the fact that some of my new work is certainly more monochrome. That and the fact that my daughter happened to mention how bad she thought the old one was, for which I am grateful.

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