Wombourne work

I was teaching yesterday  in Wombourne, with some members of the Wombourne Quilters. It’s a sweet village near Wolverhampton, and not that far for me to travel either.

We did ‘Still life, a personal approach’  a subject close to me lately, although one of course I would like to develop further. I have done several smaller pieces using personal and favoured objects, and have explored the subject further in my piece ’14 books’, which you can see on my website should you wish to. All the students bring objects or photographs that are meaningful and relevant to their lives, and the work develops from using elements of these source materials.

Here are some images of the students’ work. As usual I was inspired by them all and the variety of approaches to the subject, and the amount of work done in a relatively short day.

Here’s Carole working on a large piece which was beautifully developed from a drawing she made in the class of pebbles, wood and a tiny heart shaped box. The work will also involve text.

Caroline was working on drawings and subsequent stitched drawings of her new grandchild’s hands and feet, using a mix of  really interesting techniques.

Diana’s work, which is also below as it’s not visible in this image, is based on a drawing done by her father of her as a child and other favourite objects including a wonderful insect house built from recycled materials. I’ve copied that picture and want to build my own; I’ll post the picture.

Diana’s work.

Jan was celebrating the recent Royal Wedding with a well designed and smart mix of images and elements.

Jane had never worked in this design led way before but you wouldn’t have known from the way she handled both the drawing and choice and use of fabric, making an inspiring and quirky  piece.

Janet painted a background to echo a paper collage based upon natural objects, which was a subtle and elegant combination of colours; this was then going to be translated into fabrics.

Margaret had drawn several natural objects and then pieced together a glorious patchwork landscape background to work onto.

Sheila worked on a piece based upon images and objects from a trip to China and Japan, and had made and painted all the fabrics she used, producing a lovely glowing piece.