More flying and an out of season piece.

The background for the flying pages of the book is moving on now I’ve finished the Ravens, even though when I was stitching one of the Ravens pages with the machine I inadvertently had picked up one of the flying pages and started to stitch that to the back of the Raven fabric…much bad language was the result of that, and unpicking was beyond tedious, so I just cut it all out. Fortunately the Moon was still intact, and looking at it I realised that I could [well, had to really] adjust this page to make it more dynamic. So it was all good in the end, and I patchworked together the bits of cut up background and some organza to make a night page, in contrast to the day page opposite, which is fine being on plainer painted lutradur.

It’s interesting how these things happen. I’ve had some work framed recently and the wrong wood had been sent, so I went into the framers just to have a look at it. I liked it so much more than the one I’d originally chosen, I decided to have all the work framed in it, so there we are.

Working on the new background, above and below. I’ll post an image when it’s done.

I started an Autumn piece too yesterday, as in the book the ‘action’ moves through the seasons. Winter, Spring and Autumn seem to be based in temperate zones, ie our garden and the countryside in England, but Summer looks to have moved into the tropics, for some reason. Bright, bold birds I suppose, that and the fact that I love the tropical birds as I can get a lot more colour into the proceedings.

The woodland pages feature a bird I stitched on another piece of work, based upon a Roman engraving from an ancient piece of marble I saw in a church in Rome. I don’t copy usually but the original work was based on Roman images, and I found a print of my interpretation of him yesterday, in my useful bits of mixed media drawer [aka a mess]. He was asking to be used, but he’s not in the woodland scene, he will be on the text page which is still in progress. Really this work has been conceived to support the words I wrote some time ago. Quite often the text and image happen mentally more or less at the same time, other times the image is first, and occasionally, but I note more frequently, the words  arrive first. Anyway, too many words here, here’s some pictures.

Some fabrics and papers laid out, with the Roman bird, for use in the woodland piece.

The materials I eventually selected; it’s all a matter of reduction. The print of the hosta leaf wasn’t used, or the black leaf, although I’ve left them out for another piece of work. There’s a couple of pieces of printed paper thrown out by my daughter too, again. I thrive on her cast offs.

And as if by magic, the final piece, not stitched, but ready to go. It’s a little smaller than A2 size, on black inked Khadi paper, so as usual I’ve not left  myself much flexibility when I machine it. It will be all verticals and horizontals, with any diagonals put in with large handstitches.

All images copyright Stephanie Redfern 2011.

5 thoughts on “More flying and an out of season piece.

  1. Looks stunning on the black background – I just can’t wait to see this book complete in the flesh (bet you can’t either!). Also really like the hosta print – I shall try that too. Serendipity or fate is a strange thing isn’t it? – Hils x

  2. It certainly is Hils old chap, it shows that being untidy in terms of materials storage, which I am, although I’m very tidy at home, is actually an advantage.
    Four more pages to go with the book, including the cover and one I’ve started. Then it’s the binding, which will take ages and involves much wielding of a bodger.

  3. Good grief Steph – Dix is VERY concerned re: the wielding of Bodger – surely this is no way to treat an animal?? I love it when something exciting turns up in an unexpected place – although not so keen when I know there is something exciting in existence – but the place is so unexpected, I can’t find it – but that’s life eh? – always two sides to every coin – Hils x

  4. Not our dear Bodger, although if he was up to it I would employ him. I like your what I think are metaphysical thoughts on the slippery nature of excitement. I wiil send you a full old e mail after I’ve been to Sheffield tomorrow.

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