Briefly in Bath

I went to Bath yesterday to deliver some work to a gallery, as part of the Bath Festival. It’s a smart little gallery called Gallery Nine, and my work will be there for two months. I do like Bath, it was stunning weather yesterday with good light, so it looked its best too. It has such a good range of independent galleries, and shops, I wanted to stay. We were only on a short visit but had a couple of hours to eat our picnic [the dog came too] and do a bit of flanneuring. We’ll be going again later in the summer to collect my unsold work at least.

I was in Sheffield on Saturday teaching a charming group, I did enjoy it, and I was so well looked after. So thank you Quilt Time and Norma. They are independently running themselves and have a really good programme and committed members who attend each month, and they produced some very good work on the course.

I’m not in the studio until Friday, bit of a packed week with work and travelling around, but next week is not so congested. I’ll post some images of my hornbill page, which is the one I’m currently constructing for The Stone Bird book,  but meanwhile here are a couple of images of Bath.

I feel I need to live in one of these houses, or even in an apartment in one of the buildings, I don’t mind.

I love basement spaces, there are lots in Bath. This wasn’t the best, but it’s quite sweet. I saw a couple of luscious ones, and indeed some dreadful spaces that needed tlc. I like courtyard gardens too, and roof top and balcony gardens. And I especially love planted walls, there’s one near my studio, I must photograph it.

6 thoughts on “Briefly in Bath

  1. I’m with Claire – you do know some very unusual words Steffers …. a veritable dictionary. But then you clearly like words – or so your poetry would suggest. I will come and live with you in one of those totally delicious looking houses in Bath. I have fancied Bath ever since first reading Jane Austen – I am sure life there must be so very civilised. I imagine we could be civilised too. A friend was on your course in Sheffield and has been singing your praises – so must have been a good one. Hope the exhibition is a total sellout – Hils x

  2. Bother – I drove through Bath today (Thursday) and had I read this before my journey Westward Ho would have tried to make time to stop! (Have been in Devon with work – drove back from Newton Abbot to Milton Keynes today).

    But I have a very good friend who lives just outside Bath at Bradford on Avon so will suggest to her that she pop into Gallery Nine.

    By the way, you were lucky with the weather. Windy and wet today! In my journey I had to pass Glastonbury and trees were down!

    Hope you work is appreciated.

    Hilary G

  3. You are very gracious to call it poetry Hils, it’s just words really. I think you are right about Bath, we would become beyond elegant, living in a house with tall rooms. I do love a high ceiling; unfortunately this is not what I live with. George and Dix could promenade in Victoria Park too.
    Who was the Sheffield pal? They were such a pleasant group, I hope they ask me back one day.

  4. Hello Hilary G, the show doesn’t start until Saturday 28th, so I’m glad I didn’t cause you to stop. It’s a lovely gallery anyway. We were extremely lucky with the weather. If the show is mildly successful, I’ll be pleased. Steph.

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