Here’s the hornbill

I managed to go to the studio today, first time this week. Mostly I’ve been working, but the Bath delivery took up one of my studio days, and yesterday I went to Compton Verney in Warwickshire to see the Alfred Wallis and Ben Nicholson exhibition, and the fascinating exhibition of mostly 19th century sailors’ embroidered pictures. The latter show reminded me how much I like intensively stitched work; I was impressed by a range of such work I saw recently in Oxford, and I was reminded of the work of an artist called Amanda Wright, who I don’t think produces work any longer; I must check. I saw two pieces of work by her in a Crafts Council exhibition called Out of the Frame, in, I think, 1985. The show and her work were hugely influential for me.

I finished laying down my hornbill today, next job is the cover and then the last two pages. The cover of the book needs to be finished next so I can use part of the image on the penultimate page, as a print on khadi paper. Yes, I too am confused.

Not the hornbill yet, just a pal who will be on the opposite page. It’s a pheasant from India, the name of which has escaped me. It’s a design I have used before in two embroideries and it’s also been in Stitch magazine as a project; a photocopy of part of that is also in the picture.

 The laid down but not yet stitched bird.

The partly done hornbill.

And the laid down chappie, with his machine stitching done. He’s at home now, waiting to have his hand stitch and beads added.

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