Fairly wet

Well it was a fairly wet bank holiday yesterday, but I’ve been in too much of late and needed a walk. So, after a brief foray into Hobbycraft, which was very busy, as people take to shopping on wet bank holidays, to buy some paper and beads, I persuaded the Reluctant One to go to a nearby National Trust property for a walk. It was good rain in that it wasn’t heavy, and only went in the down direction. It cleared as we walked around Packwood House gardens, along with quite a few other people who don’t let a bit of rain put them off being outside. So here are some pictures; the gardens are wonderful, and the topiary there is stupendous, and has crept into quite a few pieces of my work over the last couple of years. I’m watching ‘All watched over by machines of loving grace’ on BBC 2 on Monday evenings at the moment, it’s fascinating. I like good tv to work to, trouble is I do miss a fair amount I’m sure, and the number of needle stabbings that happen when you glance up, well. Ceramics was much safer.

The formal pool.

I want this gate in our garden, what a glorious thing it is.

Everything looked beautiful in the rain.

This is now my new wallpaper on the computer, I love the reds. The planting is luscious in this garden.

A view towards the house from the topiary garden.

The warm spring seems to have made roses flower particularly early this year.

Collapsing oriental poppy divas.

The vegetable garden is now open to us public and is being renovated and used to grow vegetables after languishing for many years. I do love a strool around a veg. patch, it reminds me of my allotment years.

And another insect house for my collection, I will build one before the summer gets going…

2 thoughts on “Fairly wet

  1. It is amazing isn’t it. It seems to have a wooden frame, not too difficult to make, with ceramic pipes stacked up stuffed with a variety of materials. The roof is tiled though, very swish, and beyond me to make. But they don’t have to be constructed like this, if you look under my May post ‘Insect house, Paradise and Flying’ there’s another one, much bigger but more randomly made, which I think I could have a go at, albeit smaller. It’s a wonderful collage of found materials; I aim to make one soon and will make it as attractive as possible, but I possess no real building skills!

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