On the line

A brief post before I go off to buy more paint. I managed to paint just three pieces of fabric yesterday, using black and white acrylic paint, for the page bindings of The Stone Bird book. I had not planned ahead, so naturally ran out of paint. I think I’ll need a fair amount of fabric to bind the edges of the pages; I remember when I did the last book it used far more than I realised, and this book seems to demand monochrome edgings, hence the rather dull washing line. I’m quite tense about the binding, as usual I’ve taken some of the embroideries quite close to the page edge so the wrapping method I use, always rather fiddly, is even more so. I’ll post more images tomorrow of hopefully some progress re the construction of the pages and then the whole book. I’ll try getting the sandwich of paper and fabric through the machine, using a different foot, but this failed before, so it was done by hand. So I am bracing myself for a plod job, but thank you to some helpful people in Sheffield on a course I taught a few weeks ago, for their advice re machining awkward materials.

The neighbours probably think these are our poor desperate bath towels.

4 thoughts on “On the line

  1. Of course the question is: whose towel is which (or whose) ? Black one must be man towel I guess. Black and white are the most irritating colours to run out of and of course are the ones that get used the most – buy v.big pots. Let us know how your machine gets on with that binding – I know mine would just spit it out in disgust … bradawl and big needle I think. Nearly there old bean, so keep going – Hils xx

  2. Hi Hils, good news, so far, on machine front. It hasn’t noticed what it’s stitching, so I have done two pages today with it, just the start, but it saves using that bodger. It may play up soon as some of the pieces have an extra fabric layer, which is a step too far. I’m using a simple foot, it only does straight stitch, and is supposed to be slidier, for want of a more technical term. It saves much time and hand ache all round. Must get around to ordering big pots of paint rather than rushing to The Works.

  3. I must examine this foot, and indeed the stitching (not for quality – wouldn’t be so cheeky, but for just how thick we are talking here). Anything that saves hammereing through edges has to be a good thing – unless one has had a trying day and feels like a bit of bashing – H x

  4. It’s just got one simple hole, none of your zigzagging possible. So far the layers are two of thick paper and two of painted calico. I’m sure that’s what I tried with the last book and the machine said no, but there may have been an extra layer. Fingers crossed it continues, there’s a lot of pages in this one.Sx

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