On the line again

Well I achieved the paint, went for a walk around the Botanical Gardens here in Birmingham, failed to find anything in Marks and Spencer that I liked to spend a voucher on that I had as a pressie, and painted some more fabric yesterday. The roses are spectacular this year, more so in the Botanical Gardens than here at home of course, although even our three old timers are better than they’ve ever been. But today I’ve noticed that our eucalyptus tree has definitely gone the way our olive tree went, ie it’s deceased. It’s quite large to chop down but not enormous. Only our hardy natives coped with our last winter it seems.

Here are some more painterly images. I was at the studio today applying bondaweb to this fabric, and have started to bind the page edges at last. Once the tedious work of bondawebbing, making templates and cutting is done, it’s a good job to do, in that it really tidies up the piece and finishes it off. I do like neat. Also, good news, so far the old sewing machine seems to be taking the layers, which saves my poor hand.

I printed a couple of pieces with some unfortunate ligularia and hosta leaves.

Only a leaf can do this, isn’t nature wonderful?

And only a second leaf can do this.

I had some paint left, but no fabric at home, so used it on some felt. I’ll use these pieces in some samples based on an architectural theme. These will be for a course I’ll be teaching in August.

Here are the helpful leaves. I did pick a couple of eaten ones, not the best. They look wonderfully Goth.

Painting and printing outside is great on a good summer’s day.