Much binding

It’s a bit of a plod, this binding business, but as each picture has its edges bound and suddenly looks all smart, it’s also very satisfying. There is the minor problem that I’ve use all my bondaweb, but I’m binding all I can and then stitching, so hopefully it will be delivered by the time I need it. Hurry up Whaleys.

Most of the pages in a pile, waiting to be turned into a book.

A very boring image of a biggish piece of bondawebbed fabric ready to be cut into strips.

Some strips laid in a random yet artistic way on one of the early pages.

The machine seems happy so far with the layers, apart from one needle bending episode.

Work in progress. I did take time today to vacuum the floor, which was beyond a mess. It’ll be messed up all over again tomorrow.

5 thoughts on “Much binding

  1. I feel your pain – these kind of jobs are tedious but necessary aren’t they. I’m SO bored sewing my crochet squares together. The only time I enjoy vaccing is when there is something more boring to be avoided!

  2. The resulting blanket will be worth it Claire.I should learn to crochet, I need some new throws for the winter. It would be winter 2021 though when I finished them. I must admit it was great to go in today and work with a clear floor, too much mess does really distract me in the studio. At home I have trained my co-habitants to use the vacuum. I do it at intervals to reach all the corners they don’t bother with.
    Hi Alex, I’ll be excited when it’s done! It is now taking an age to sew each page, but is quite enjoyable. There’s still some finishing after that on the pages, then I’ll get my daughter to photograph them. Ideally for that we need a bright yet dull day with no shadows, and then our conservatory is a good photography studio. These days exist rarely…

  3. Where is the bondaweb on Whalleys site Steph? I have heard the rumour before that they sell it at a good price, but I just can’t find it….do they only sell it to special people in the ‘know’?? Book looks fabby, binding looks hard work – what you need is my ‘bouncy’ music selection – H x

  4. Hils, they don’t make it easy to locate, but it’s transfer adhesive. It is the cheapest place I’ve found, especially if you buy a good amount, which you may as well as the postage is high. Bouncy music is such a good idea. I sometimes plug myself in when I have a tedious job to do, but hadn’t thought on this occasion. I will go and do so now, to see how much faster I can go.

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