Nearly there

The Stone Bird is coming together, I think.

There are certainly more pages in this book than I remember doing. I have one more to edge, the back page, suitably enough, and quite a pile to stitch around but at least it seems to have an end. I do like the tidy edges,  it is a long task but satisfying in many respects.

I have been out though over the last week which has been good but also leads to mild panic in terms of getting work done. In simple terms it is necessary to have a break; it’s worrying at the time but ultimately energising.

I went to Stratford on Saturday with a friend to see The City Madam at the RSC, which I  enjoyed. It was good weather so we had a picnic and stroll around the river first. On Sunday I went into the studio as the weather was dire, so that was handy.Then on Monday and Tuesday I was involved with taking down and putting up Eclectica exhibitions. Eclectica is a textile group I’m in, and our latest show [it’s been a busy year] is at Forge Mill Needle Museum in Redditch, Worcestershire. It’s an interesting and I must say challenging space, but the show looks good.

Now this is the excellent cover of the programme for The City Madam. It’s just struck me that it illustrates accurately the way I feel under pressure, but without, alas, the gold coins.

I was back in the studio yesterday, then went to see a CBSO concert last night, mostly Ravel and Faure. It’s main attraction was Bolero of course, which I’ve not seen before. It was glorious though, and as we sat in the choir, I could see everyone’s faces in the stalls etc start to sort of glow with anticipation before it started. I have to say saw as well as heard, when it comes to this sort of concert, as I love to watch the orchestra. I so admire musicians, after my dreadful groanings away on the violin some years ago.

More binding activity.

And still more binding activity,as well as  two views of the iron.

When this job is done I’ll be making a piece for the art quilt section of the Festival of Quilts. After this I’m determined to start next year’s work in August…