Sea Lily and Seven Birches.

Two new pieces are now on the go, well, Sea Lily was started some time ago and has languished on the wall until I entered it into the Festival of Quilts, which certainly spurs you into actually finishing a piece. The Stone Bird book is done all but for binding the spine; what a brute it is too, I am seriously going to put a warning on the package re its weight.

Sea Lily is a fossil based piece, in which I decided I wanted to use mixed media, in the form of porcelain pieces and wooden boxes, and also some relevant images from my embroideries printed onto acetate. I’m very into printing onto acetate these days, I love the combination of digital image and plastic, two of my favourite things.

Here are some early stages images.

First a view of my tidied and sorted studio, of which I am quite proud. It was a fair heap when I finished the book, I can tell you.

A view of the quilt. It’s in 3 parts at the moment, to make machine stitching easier. The middle section is just patched painted fabric at this point.

And here I’ve made my boxes, or box frames to be a little more exact, and I’m having a play with them on the work. There will be text involved too. They are made from balsa wood, which is just about my limit re woodwork, and takes me back to childhood when I used to buy those packs of mixed balsa wood to make things from.

This is the selection of materials for Seven Birches, which I am making for my winter exhibition in Solihull.

And here, as if by magic [I wish] is the laid down work, ready for machine then hand stitching. Inexplicably it includes of course a bird skull embroidery of mine printed on acetate, and a floating but not in the usual sense, swan. It’s about 3/4 A1 sized.


8 thoughts on “Sea Lily and Seven Birches.

  1. Well done for finishing THE BOOK Steph – and good luck with it at Festival. The mixed media piece looks fascinating – I’m glad you have done it as I know you have said a few times that you would like to work more with MM – always good when ‘like to’ materialises into ‘have’. I love seven birches, especialy Sammy Swan – who is clearly off, having decided he is not a birch and is hence not welcome! Enjoy the wicked City – try to remain unsullied – Hxx

  2. Hi Hil
    Poor old Sammy, he is definitely in a sulk, I hadn’t noticed. ‘Seven Birches and a Swan’ seems a bit obvious as a title though, so he’ll just have to cope. I’m not sure how the mm piece will look, but it’s good to try it out.

    1. I look forward to seeing it too Hilary, if I ever finish it! You know what it’s like. I shall get going with the machining next week. I’m tempted to do it in the style of an American quilter’s work I saw at FoQ, it may have been Bob Adams, just lots of vertical lines of stitch. I suspect mine would wobble though, so perhaps not. Look forward to seeing you in August.

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